ABOUT ME (verzee.. who else)

Below you'll find the history of all my YouTube channels from the past to the present.

2017 - I created a channel on my first phone where I uploaded mobile apps/games which I played in the time.
2018 - I switched to a new channel under my Nan's account ona enw iPhone. I only uploaded 3 videos to the account though in a small span of time. One of the videos was just a copy of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Teaser but recorded using a screen recorder.
2019 - I created yet another account on yet another phone, but this time making a series called Liam Verse Adventure on an app called Toontastic 3D. This account was short lived thoguh since on december 21st, 2019 I accidentally deleted the account. On the same day, I made my new current account, and uploaded all my old videos off the first Liam Verse Official Channel account onto the new one.
2020 - My channel finally started to take off when I began using Flipaclip to create Object Shows at 1-2fps. I gained around 100-350 subscribers that year and became part of the Object Show Community. My viewers were very active due to Covid and often uploaded frequently. On August 30th, 2020 I released an Everyday Meme animation based on Pin, after seeing one made by ShrubbyFrog about Bubble. This video gained up to 4k views that year, and to the present day I got around 8k views.
2021 - This year on YouTube was pretty much like the last. But this year I improved my animation, and also earned a phone number so I could add thumbnails to my videos, I also found out about CapCut so I created Roblox edits alongside one of my friends. To this day, I still use Capcut to create videos.
2022 - This year I took a break from animation and got a VR. So I got Discord aswell and got peoiple to create movies in Gorilla Tag with me. I still did make a ciuple animations (WITH MORE FRAMES) but not as much as the last 2 years. I also was able to get 2.2M views by uploading a video of Greg Heffley doing a rick roll, but after I unlisted it due to me now wanting that audience on my channel
2023 - I stopped creating Gorilla Tag movies due to lack of interest and retuned to gaming and animating. I also earned the ability to create video games, therefore I made Gorilla's Treehouse, and Univerzal Adventure. I also reunited with some of my old online friends from 2020 - 2021 and created a series called Interception with our characters.
2024 (present) - I finished Interceiption and am now creating Sticky and Reality Shift series still on Flipaclip. Over the last 7 years I improved a ton and now I'm at 8 thousand subscribers with an urge to go viral again.